Anna Bosse
Walter Johnson
Class of 2011 (Update)
1500m Run05/08/2010Cahoon Track Classic04:57.233
1600m Run04/17/2010Viking Invitational05:13.986
1600m Run05/28/20104A State Championship05:14.3111
1600m Run05/19/20104A West Region05:14.806
1600m Run05/12/2010MoCo Championship05:14.927
1600m Run05/14/20084A West Regional05:18.869
1600m Run02/10/20114A West Region05:20.584
1600m Run04/27/2010Blake, WJ @ Whitman05:23.584
1600m Run04/18/2009Viking Invitational05:23.768
1600m Run05/06/2009MoCo Championship05:25.585
1600m Run05/08/2008Montgomery Co. Championship05:27.8710
1600m Run04/19/2008Viking Invitational05:29.157
1600m Run04/15/2008Churchill, WJ @ Wheaton05:323
1600m Run05/18/20114A West Regional05:32.0510
1600m Run05/13/20094A West Regional05:32.808
1600m Run03/31/2009B-CC, WJ @ Wheaton05:334
1600m Run03/24/2009WJ @ Churchill05:42.85
1600m Run04/02/2008BCC @ WJ05:48.13
2.5 Mile XC10/11/2008Manhattan Invitational15:26.755
2.5 Mile XC10/10/2009Manhattan Invitational15:34.2011
2.5 Mile XC10/13/2007Manhattan Invitational16:04.8721
3 Mile XC10/05/2010Whitman, Wootton at WJ19:272
3 Mile XC09/16/2009Damascus at WJ19:351
3 Mile XC11/08/2008Maryland State Championship19:381
3 Mile XC09/30/2009Churchill @ WJ19:38.951
3 Mile XC11/13/20104A State Championship19:392
3 Mile XC09/25/2010Bull Run Invitational19:471
3 Mile XC11/14/2009MD State Championship20:223
3 Mile XC11/10/20074A State Championship20:2823
3000m Run05/08/2010Cahoon Track Classic10:48.761
3200m Run02/23/20114A State Championship11:14.041
3200m Run05/27/20114A State Championship11:14.361
3200m Run05/19/20104A West Region11:21.574
3200m Run05/12/2010MoCo Championship11:24.342
3200m Run05/18/20114A West Regional11:26.533
3200m Run05/28/20104A State Championship11:27.889
3200m Run01/24/2011Montgomery Co. TF Championship11:28.371
3200m Run01/08/2011Montgomery Invitational11:33.591
3200m Run05/10/2011MoCo Championship11:35.812
3200m Run02/10/20114A West Region11:37.072
3200m Run04/14/2010WJ, JFK @ Wootton11:39.002
3200m Run05/13/20094A West Regional11:40.226
3200m Run04/16/2011Viking Invitational11:47.674
3200m Run04/27/2010Blake, WJ @ Whitman11:50.183
3200m Run04/28/2009WJ @ JFK11:58.01
3200m Run03/31/2009B-CC, WJ @ Wheaton11:591
3200m Run05/14/20084A West Regional12:02.6110
3200m Run05/06/2009MoCo Championship12:05.826
3200m Run04/15/2008Churchill, WJ @ Wheaton12:062
3200m Run05/23/2009MD State Championship12:12.4913
3200m Run04/06/2011RM @ WJ12:14.002
3200m Run03/24/2009WJ @ Churchill12:26.502
400m Dash03/29/2011WJ, JFK @ Whitman67.015
5000m XC11/28/2009NXN Southeast Regional18:40.2025
5000m XC11/27/2010Nike Southeast Regional18:49.2034
5000m XC10/18/2008Montgomery Co. Championship18:53.315
5000m XC10/03/2009Octoberfest Invitational19:039
5000m XC10/24/2009MoCo XC Championship19:083
5000m XC10/23/2010MoCo XC Championship19:09.744
5000m XC10/01/2010Paul Short Run19:185
5000m XC10/04/2008Octoberfest Invitational19:19.6518
5000m XC09/26/2009AJ Everhart Invitational19:37.502
5000m XC10/30/20084A West Regional19:37.681
5000m XC10/20/2007MoCo Championship19:39.2817
5000m XC10/16/2010Georgetown Prep XC Classic19:47.57
5000m XC10/06/2009WJ at Sherwood19:50.751
5000m XC11/04/20104A West Region Championship19:51.152
5000m XC11/05/20094A West Regional19:523
5000m XC09/23/2008Churchill and B-CC at WJ 20:01.61
5000m XC11/21/2009Battle of the Potomac20:0510
5000m XC09/23/2009NW, WJ @ Whitman20:08.702
5000m XC11/20/2010Battle of the Potomac20:107
5000m XC09/20/2008South Carroll Invitational20:22.703
5000m XC09/17/2008Northwest at Walter Johnson 20:26.102
5000m XC09/11/2009Howard County Invitational20:27.451
5000m XC09/29/2007Oatlands Invitational Girls20:28.536
5000m XC09/10/2008QO and WJ at Whitman20:333
5000m XC11/15/2008Battle of the Potomac20:337
5000m XC10/17/2009Georgetown Prep Fall Classic20:412
5000m XC11/01/20074A West Regional20:45.019
5000m XC10/02/2007RM @ WJ20:45.801
5000m XC11/17/2007Battle of the Potomac20:4818
5000m XC09/19/2007NW, WJ, Church @ Whit21:1212
5000m XC09/25/2007QO, WJ @ Churchill21:37.807
5000m XC09/11/2007WJ @ Sherwood22:05.991
5000m XC10/12/2010Walter Johnson at Churchill22:27.603
5000m XC09/07/2007HoCo Invite Girls23:13.815
800m Run05/19/20104A West Region02:25.9512
800m Run03/29/2011WJ, JFK @ Whitman02:37.292
800m Run03/31/2009B-CC, WJ @ Wheaton02:415
Individual Titles
IT 2011Montgomery County3200m Run
IT 20114A State3200m Run
OT 20114A State3200m Run
XC 20084A West Region5000m XC
XC 20084A State5000m XC
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