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Alice Adarkwa
Class of 2020 (Update/Correct)
100 Dash ht2018-04-17Watkins Mill at Northwest12.832
100 Dash ht2017-05-13MCPS B Championship13.061
100 Dash ht2017-05-02Northwest at Quince Orchard 13.16
100 Dash ht2018-04-10Seneca Valley at Northwest13.11
100 Dash ht2017-05-13MCPS B Championship13.160
100 Dash ht2019-03-26Damascus, SV at NW13.31
100 Dash ht2017-04-19NW Poolesville at WM13.303
100 Dash ht2017-04-05Clarksburg, NW at Damascus 13.5912
100m Dash2017-05-204A West Regional13.1615
100m Dash2017-04-22Harry Green Invitational13.5911
100m Dash2017-03-25Central Invitational13.9121
100m Dash2017-04-08Heurich Invitational13.988
200 Dash ht2018-04-23NW and QO at Clarksburg25.71
200 Dash ht2019-03-26Damascus, SV at NW26.71
200 Dash ht2018-04-04NW, Damascus at Poolesville27.111
200 Dash ht2018-04-10Seneca Valley at Northwest27.22
200 Dash ht2019-04-02Clarksburg at Northwest27.51
200 Dash ht2017-05-02Northwest at Quince Orchard 27.57
200 Dash ht2017-05-13MCPS B Championship27.621
200 Dash ht2017-04-05Clarksburg, NW at Damascus 27.695
200m Dash2019-05-164A West Regional26.076
200m Dash2019-05-164A West Regional26.125
200m Dash2019-04-13Zonis Invitational26.153
200m Dash2019-04-13Zonis Invitational26.223
200m Dash2018-05-09MCPS Championship26.429
200m Dash2019-05-08Montgomery Co. Championship26.598
200m Dash2018-03-24Central Invitational26.634
200m Dash2018-05-174A West Regional26.659
200m Dash2018-05-174A West Regional26.827
200m Dash2019-04-06Trojan Invitational27.0415
200m Dash2017-05-204A West Regional27.6723
300m Dash2018-12-17MC-AA-BCo Meet #243.024
300m Dash2018-12-11MC-AA-BCo Meet43.514
300m Dash2019-01-16Montgomery Co. Championship44.1410
300m Dash2017-12-16Howard Co Winterfest44.4227
300m Dash2019-02-074A West Regional44.6316
300m Dash2019-01-05Smithsburg Invitational45.053
300m Dash2017-12-29Mountain Express Invite45.768
300m Dash2017-12-05MCPS Meet #146.0424
300m Dash2017-12-26MCPS Meet #346.2426
300m Dash2018-12-15Howard County Winter Fest46.3779
55m Dash2019-02-074A West Regional7.456
55m Dash2019-01-16Montgomery Co. Championship7.506
55m Dash2018-12-11MC-AA-BCo Meet7.555
55m Dash2019-02-074A West Regional7.576
55m Dash2018-01-13Montgomery Invitational7.5820
55m Dash2019-01-16Montgomery Co. Championship7.597
55m Dash2017-12-26MCPS Meet #37.666
55m Dash2019-01-12Montgomery Invitational7.6721
55m Dash2018-01-30Montgomery Co. Championship7.7219
55m Dash2017-12-16Howard Co Winterfest7.7419
55m Dash2019-01-05Smithsburg Invitational7.754
55m Dash2017-12-29Mountain Express Invite7.804
55m Dash2018-12-15Howard County Winter Fest7.8348
55m Dash2018-02-084A West Regional7.8811
55m Hurdles2017-12-05MCPS Meet #111.1026
High Jump2018-04-17Watkins Mill at Northwest4-00.003
High Jump2017-12-20Freddie Hendricks Relays4-04.0010
High Jump2017-12-05MCPS Meet #14-06.008
High Jump2018-12-08Ed Bowie Classic4-08.0014
High Jump2017-12-29Mountain Express Invite4-08.006
High Jump2019-04-02Clarksburg at Northwest4-08.002
High Jump2018-02-204A State Championship4-08.0019
High Jump2017-12-16Howard Co Winterfest4-08.0017
High Jump2019-05-04Mullins Russell Invitational4-08.006
High Jump2019-04-06Trojan Invitational4-08.007
High Jump2018-04-04NW, Damascus at Poolesville4-09.002
High Jump2018-02-084A West Regional4-09.007
High Jump2018-12-15Howard County Winter Fest4-10.007
High Jump2018-12-17MC-AA-BCo Meet #24-10.007
High Jump2017-12-26MCPS Meet #34-10.002
High Jump2018-04-07Legard Relays4-10.006
High Jump2019-02-194A State Championship4-10.0010
High Jump2019-05-254A State Championship4-10.0010
High Jump2018-04-23NW and QO at Clarksburg4-10.002
High Jump2018-03-24Central Invitational4-10.001
High Jump2019-01-05Smithsburg Invitational4-11.002
High Jump2018-05-174A West Regional4-11.005
High Jump2018-12-11MC-AA-BCo Meet5-00.003
High Jump2019-05-08Montgomery Co. Championship5-00.003
High Jump2019-04-13Zonis Invitational5-00.003
High Jump2018-05-09MCPS Championship5-00.003
High Jump2018-04-21Mustangs Invitational5-00.003
High Jump2019-02-074A West Regional5-00.002
High Jump2018-05-264A State Championship5-00.0010
High Jump2019-01-16Montgomery Co. Championship5-02.002
High Jump2019-05-164A West Regional5-03.002
Long Jump2017-12-05MCPS Meet #111-06.2538
Individual Titles

OT 2017Montgomery County JV200m Dash
OT 2017Montgomery County JV100m Dash
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