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Aaron Bratt
Walt Whitman
Class of 2019 (Update/Correct)
1600m Run2017-05-204A West Regional04:33.0213
1600m Run2017-04-22Viking Invitational04:35.39c12
1600m Run2017-03-29Whitman at Churchill 04:39.203
1600m Run2017-01-14Montgomery Invitational04:40.255
1600m Run2016-05-194A West Regional04:43.2518
1600m Run2017-04-19Wootton, Whitman at RM04:44.64
1600m Run2016-05-14Montgomery Co B Championships04:47.3011
1600m Run2016-04-16Viking Invitational04:47.3624
1600m Run2017-04-04Whitman at Walter Johnson 04:48.832
1600m Run2018-05-09MCPS Championship04:49.4918
1600m Run2018-04-28Cassel's XBC Track Experience04:49.8625
1600m Run2018-05-174A West Regional04:50.5221
1600m Run2018-05-01Whitman at Walter Johnson04:53.693
1600m Run2016-04-05Churchill, RM at Whitman04:55.998
1600m Run2018-04-04Whitman, Wootton at RM04:57.405
1600m Run2016-01-20Montgomery Co. TF Championship05:04.9019
1600m Run2016-02-044A West Regional05:17.6520
1600m Run2015-12-05MCPS Meet #105:18.6760
2.5 Mile XC2017-10-14Manhattan Invitational13:08.37
3 Mile XC2016-09-24DC XC Invitational15:371
3 Mile XC2016-09-03Seahawk Invitational15:53.306
3 Mile XC2016-11-12Maryland State Championship17:00.1726
3200m Run2017-05-10MCPS Championships09:48.498
3200m Run2017-04-22Viking Invitational09:51.832
3200m Run2017-05-204A West Regional09:54.807
3200m Run2017-02-214A State Championship09:57.726
3200m Run2017-02-094A West Regional09:59.136
3200m Run2016-05-194A West Regional10:06.7113
3200m Run2017-01-18Montgomery Co. TF Championship10:07.448
3200m Run2018-04-14Viking Invitational10:16.207
3200m Run2018-05-174A West Regional10:18.379
3200m Run2018-05-09MCPS Championship10:28.2613
3200m Run2016-04-20WJ at Whitman10:32.482
3200m Run2016-04-12B-CC, Wootton at Whitman10:38.076
3200m Run2018-05-01Whitman at Walter Johnson10:39.364
3200m Run2017-04-04Whitman at Walter Johnson 10:47.392
3200m Run2015-12-08MCPS Meet #211:23.945
4000m Run2016-10-08Manhattan Invitational13:18.98
5000m XC2017-10-21Montgomery Co. Championship15:49.507
5000m XC2017-09-23DCXC Invitational15:562
5000m XC2017-10-07Great American XC Fest16:06.67
5000m XC2017-11-25NXN Southeast Regional16:07.468
5000m XC2017-09-09Rebel Invitational16:10.12
5000m XC2016-10-22Montgomery Co. Championship16:21.537
5000m XC2016-11-26NXN Southeast Regional16:21.777
5000m XC2017-11-114A State Championship16:22.567
5000m XC2016-11-034A West Regional16:29.074
5000m XC2016-09-17Oatlands Invitational16:3212
5000m XC2017-09-16Oatlands Invitational16:3916
5000m XC2017-11-024A West Regional16:55.005
5000m XC2017-10-03B-CC, WW, WC at Landon17:12.403
5000m XC2016-09-27Einstein, NW, WW at Sherwood17:15.871
5000m XC2016-10-05PB, Clarksburg at Whitman17:19.071
5000m XC2017-09-26Whitman, Blair at Churchill17:24.501
5000m XC2017-09-20Wootton at Whitman17:30.261
5000m XC2017-09-12Northwest at Whitman17:53.661
5000m XC2016-09-147-Team Meet at Landon18:09.085
800m Run2018-04-28Cassel's XBC Track Experience02:15.1735
800m Run2018-04-04Whitman, Wootton at RM02:16.908
800m Run2016-05-14Montgomery Co B Championships02:19.6030
800m Run2016-04-12B-CC, Wootton at Whitman02:19.7818
800m Run2016-04-05Churchill, RM at Whitman02:20.2813
800m Run2016-04-20WJ at Whitman02:23.457
Mile Run2017-04-22Viking Invitational04:37.0012
Mile Run2016-12-17Bishop Loughlin Games04:40.7224
Mile Run2015-12-19Bishop Loughlin Games05:06.21134
Individual Titles

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